For more details about this research see the webpage of INESC MN or contact Prof. Paulo Freitas (pfreitas[AT]inesc-mn.pt) or Susana Cardoso de Freitas (scardoso [AT]inesc-mn.pt).


  • Materials
    • Spinvalves and magnetic tunnel junctions deposited by Ion Beam and Sputtering
    • Thin film deposition on up to 200mm diameter wafers
    • 3D micromagnetic simulations (Spinflow3D ®)
    • Magnetotransport characterization with fields up to 2 kOe; magnetic annealing up to 10 kOe
  • MRAM and oscillators
    • sub 100nm processing
    • MgO and AlOx –based tunnel junctions for memories and oscillators
  • Magnetoresistive Sensors
    • study of transport phenomena in ultra thin barriers low RA tunnel junctions
    • nanometric sensors based on spinvalves
    • Development of Wheastone bridges, linearized MTJ sensors
    • Sensors for non-destructive surface testing: Eddy current detection with MR sensors
    • Noise characterization an field detectivity limits
    • Integration of MR sensors with CMOS wafers

Representative Publications:
  • Nanofabrication of 30nm devices incorporating low resistance magnetic tunnel junctions, J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 10, 5951-5957 (2010) |www|
  • Magnetic field sensing characteristics of MgO based tunneling magnetoresistance devices with Co40Fe40B20 and Co60Fe20B20 electrodes, Sensors and Actuators, 202, 64– 68 (2013); |www|
  • Magnetic tunnel junction based eddy current testing probe for detection of surface defects, J. Applied Physics, 115, 17E516 (2014), |www|
  • Wheatstone bridge sensor composed of linear MgO magnetic tunnel Junctions, J. Applied Physics 107, 09E712 , (2010) |www|

Spintronic Based Biochips and Platforms for Biomedical Applications

  • Integrated platforms for biomolecular recognition using magnetoresistive sensors
  • Microfluidics and cell separation and magnetic trapping
  • Single Cell manipulation - magnetic tweezer
  • Biomedical applications:
    • hybrid Spintronic/MEMS devices for MCG
    • Synaptic current monitoring with MR sensors (Si, SOI and polymide)
    • Microelectrodes for cortical excitation and monitoring
    • Integrated cytometer for bacteria detection in milk, water, etc
    • Integrated detection of lateral flow in microporous membranes

Representative Publications:
  • Toward a magnetoresistive chip cytometer: Integrated detection of magnetic beads flowing at cm/s velocities in microfluidic channels, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 034104 (2009) |www|
  • Spintronic platforms for biomedical applications”, Lab-on-Chip, 12, 546 – 557 (2012) |www|
  • Femtomolar Limit of Detection with a Magnetoresistive Biochip, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24, 2690 (2009) |www|
  • Integration of Magnetoresistive Biochips on a CMOS circuit”, IEEE Trans. Magn. 48, 3784-3787 (2012) |www|
  • Integration of MgO-based sensors in Silicon needles for magnetic measurements of neurons, IEEE Trans. Magn. 49, 3512-3515 (2013) |www|

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